The Heartbeat of Thai Cuisine

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Singaporeans love Thai food and if you are one avid fan of Thai food, you’ll be happy that someone is doing it the real authentic way right here in the heart of Singapore.

Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe was founded by homegrown businessman, Ron Poh five years ago. With the success of its first outlet in Jalan Besar, the second shop sprouted at Aljunied Avenue 2 in 2013.

Ron has an unexplained affinity with anything Thai, from culture to food. What started as a passion of seeking real authentic Thai food results in him wanting to present the most authentic experience for his customers at Spicy Thai-Thai cafe.

From using charcoal for soup and steamed dishes to maintain heat consistency and quality, importing tea leaves from Thailand for the signature Thai Iced Tea, different own-made dressings for different dishes, to desserts made from scratch, or even customized dishes. The chefs are all native Thais with years of experience cooking in Thailand before Ron headhunted them for his cafe.

“Charcoal is the best tool to keep dishes such as Tom Yum soup simmering hot consistently without affecting the quality of the dish. Yes, it’s more hard work, but we think it’s worth it. We do not want our customers to be compromised, we want them to enjoy Thai food the authentic way”,said Ron. This is precisely what authentic cooking is all about.

Exit the Norm. Enter the Nom.
Beside offering the usual Thai dishes such as the likes of Tom Yum soup, Prawn Cake, Fish Cake, Phad Thai, Pandan Chicken, Basil Rice, Pineapple Rice, Ron hopes to share authentic Thai dishes that are staples to the Thais, yet less well-known than their popular counterparts.

Some of these delectable dishes include:

Cha Om Omelette
This humble delicacy is made up of the savoury trinity of Cha Om, eggs and Thai fish sauce. Cha Om is a vegetable native to Thailand and adds a lemon zest that complements the egg. A simple dish like this, cooked perfectly, is testament to the skill of the chefs as they bring out maximum flavour with minimal ingredients.

Deep Fried Kang Kong with House Sauce
Seems like tempuras are not only loved by the Japanese, they are adored by the Thais. Freshly picked kang kongs are deep fried the tempura style and pair wonderfully with Spicy Thai's own-made sauce. Those who have tried exclaimed, "This is da bomb!"

Crispy Lad Na
An interesting twist from the usual Hor Fun, this plate of thick rice noodles are deep fried instead. Another hallmark of great Thai creation. With humble ingredients, it’s really down to the skill of the chef to bring out the flavours of this comforting dish. Temperature has to be perfect to capture the essence of this dish. Crisp and not burnt.

Basil Black Pepper Crab
The Thai herbs and spices in this dish complement wondrously with the natural sweetness of the crab, it is a breakaway from the good ol' chilli crab and you will be glad you've tried this.

Walking Catfish with Spicy Lemon Soup
This is the definition of minimalist Thai cooking. The steam not only gently cooks the fish until just tender but also creates an instant, complex sauce from a handful of basic Thai herbs and spices. The fish is served on a metal plate with charcoal below so that it remains juicy, fresh and succulent.
Hommok - Otak in a Husk
A different take on what we are used to locally, this unique dish is cooked with fresh coconut flesh which adds a pleasant surprise Wow-factor to the palate. A must-try for fans of Thai Basil.

Spicy Meat Balls
These meatballs are packed with a perfect balance of sweet-salty-sour-spicy, singing perfect high notes on your tastebud. They are perfect with Spicy Thai's sweet chili sauce and raw assorted vegetables as their escorts.

If you are looking for a classic meal of Thai cuisine that delivers on taste and won’t break the bank, Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe is the right place for you. The cafe is decked out in a comfortable non-intimidating Thai decor, with ornate patterns, bouquets of flowers and ceiling fans whirling. The cafe looks out onto the lush greenery and a quaint garden. Have your taste buds sing and dance to the symphonic orchestra of flavours at Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe today!